International Strategic and Financial Management Services

About Us

Union Patriot Capital Inc. is a strategic advisor and fund manager founded by Michael Mendelsohn, President and CEO. UPC is uniquely positioned to source funds, structure deals, and negotiate transactions. UPC funds films and arranges distribution through major studios, independent distribution, and foreign sales. As a loan portfolio manager for leading banks, hedge funds, equity investors and financial institutions UPC facilitates full service project financing, corporate facilities and strategic advisory services with industry specialization in entertainment, sports, gaming, aerospace defense, technology, corporate branding and media. UPC also sources transactions for major international banks, hedge funds, and other equity providers and lenders in prudently structured, high-yielding deals.


Film Project Finance

UPC provides a full range of project finance services to film producers, major studio entities, international distributors and high net worth investors focused on entertainment, film production, sports, internet, gaming, corporate branding, aerospace defense, technology, and broadcast media.

Strategic Relationships

UPC provides access and relationships to facilitate a variety of transactions, loans, aircraft acquisitions, corporate branding, gaming, sports, aerospace defense, technology, and media.

Principal Capital Investing

UPC advises major investment sources on investing in prudent, cash flow positive transactions focused primarily on entertainment, sports, internet, gaming, aerospace defense, technology, and media transactions.

Strategic Advisory Services

UPC provides a full range merchant banking, project loan, and advisory solutions for major international banks, corporate finance entities and high net worth investors focused on entertainment, sports, internet, gaming, aerospace defense, technology and media transactions.