International Strategic and Financial Management Services


Union Patriot Capital, Inc., founded in 1995 by Michael Mendelsohn, the previous Entertainment Loan Portfolio Manager of the major European bank BNP-Paribas [1990- 2000] and Union Bank of California [1985-1990]. UPC is an investment banking and advisory services company with an international focus on entertainment, media and sports enterprises. Michael Mendelsohn has worked with various banks and clients to complete transactions worth $1.8 million to $981 million.

  • Citi Bank
  • BNP Paribas
  • Union Bank
  • Propaganda Films
  • UGC
  • Canal+
  • M6
  • Lakeshore Entertainment
  • Icon
  • Star
  • News Corporation
  • Virgin
  • MLB
  • Qwest
  • NTT / Verio
  • Eros International